My sustainable and ethical fashion journey.

Welcoming my self back. It is awhile since I wrote anything on this blog. Meny things have changed in my life. Mostly good things, that have lead me to where I am now. I have moved to the UK, where i am doing my masters in Sustainable fashion: Businesses and pracitses.

It has been interesting to go back on this blog and see my posts and engagement around the subjects in my bachelors degree, and now actually seeing it in context with the masters I am doing now.

Will i change the world?

The «world» is a bit much, but the point is to find the things I value within the fashion industry. It seems like in this industry you can make every aspects of it better in hence of ethical and sustainable practices. If we are enough people trying to do better in just one of the aspects in fashion it could actually form and reconstruct an entire industry.

I have heard it since I was a little girl and always would ask «Why?» to all the injustice i learned to know in this world, the response would always be: «You have to pick your fights in life, you can simply not take all the fights you will come across».

Anyways, in this blog I aim to share my thoughts and reflections. The topcis will most likely unintentionally be equivalent to the themes I have in my course.

There are two main reasons for me to run this blog: 1. for myself to track my intellectual and emotional development through this masters (writing, knowledge, communication and confidence). 2. That I feel a huge need to communicate and express the enviromental and ethical crises this industry stands upon.

«You have to pick your fights in life, you can simply not take all the fights you will come across»

I really want this platform to be a space where you can feel free to ask questions and give feedback, challenge me and be critical! I would appreciate it.

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